Maa Bhadrakali Mandir Itkhori

It is a very famous religious comes into one of the sakti piths. It is located 1.5 kms away from Itkhori Block in Bhaduli Village. It is situated at Chatra Chouparan path. This place is surrounded by three sides from Buxa River which looks like U-shaped. The premises of Maa Bhadrakali Temple is sorrounded with green forests, falls. It has great importance in History of India because of the black colour statues(specially constructed in Shak, Gupta and Vardhan period – 1500 to 1800 years ago)those were found in exacavation. Today it is one of the great holly place as well as tourist place of Hindus and others. In Budhdha period, Budhdha came here and stayed for sometime. In the meantime his relatives came here searching him and found him but Budhdha ignored them to identify as a relative. His relative told “Itkhoi – Yahi kho diya”, since then its name became ITKHORI.